Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Suprises in Prayer

Yesterday, my prayer gathering was with three ladies who have all attended our church for a considerable length of time. After hearing them talk about their prayer life I want to call them saints. There was no bragging and no false humility. As they talked, it was clear that I had stumbled into a holy space. It felt as though I had walked into a suprise party and I was recieving unexpected gifts from God through these ladies. When Jesus is present, parties are holy spaces!

Through prayer jounals, morning walks, their marriages these ladies consistently pray. None of them said that about themselves, they just talked about it without really thinking about it. It was that much a part of their being. I want that!

Here was maybe the biggest suprise of the time...Each woman related this experience of joy centered around their prayer life. One, smile on her face, spoke about the joy of an intimate relationship with God in prayer. Another talked about the joy of answered prayer in the same way I talk about Louisiana State Universtity Tigers winning their recent football game. The other recounted with a settled confidence mixed with tears about getting God's perspective on trials through prayer.

Here is a summary of the time I wrote in the middle of the meeting:
Consistent Prayer opens the gifts of...
joy in my relationship with God.
joy over answered prayer.
joy in see God's perspective.

Let's pray!