Monday, April 26, 2010

Bring it, John Maisel

John Maisel preached again this Sunday for our World Passion Week. John is the president of East-West Ministries. I like listening to John because I have seen him live what he preaches.

1. If the church is retreating it is not because of the strength of the enemy. It is because our eyes are off the Bridegroom.

2.The greatest enemy of living for today is postponed obedience. Today is all you have.

3.The greatest enemy of walking by faith is fear. At the core, we fear that if we do what God wants we will have to give up something we really want.

4.Will you say, "Yes, Lord, no matter what?"

Let’s pray together this old prayer that came from Christian Quote of the Day on Sunday.
Fix my thoughts, my hopes, and my desires, upon heaven and heavenly things; teach me to despise the world, to repent me deeply for my sins; give me holy purposes of amendment, and [spiritual] strength and assistances to perform faithfully whatsoever I shall intend piously. Enrich my understanding with an eternal treasure of Divine Truths, that I may know thy will:
and thou, who workest in us to will and to do of Thy good pleasure, teach me to obey all Thy commandments, to believe all Thy revelations, and make me partaker of all Thy gracious
... Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667), Holy Living [1650]

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bekahbee7 said...

Thank you for having John speak to us! He really challenged me and the Spirit used his message to convict my heart about going forth with the Lord's word and the love of Christ to our broken world.